Types And Causes Of Breast Discharge – What’s Normal?

Types And Causes Of Breast Discharge

Breast discharge is a condition that may raise concerns for many. It involves any fluid that leaks from the nipple of a non-lactating breast, presenting in various colors, consistencies, and volumes.  This condition can affect one or both breasts and is not necessarily indicative of a serious health issue. However, recognizing the different types of … Read more

How to Break the Pattern of Love Addiction – Tips for Breaking Free

Pattern of Love Addiction

Are you feeling trapped in a cycle of emotionally draining relationships, constantly searching for the next romantic rush? You might be experiencing love addiction. But don’t worry, there is a way out. In this guide, we’ll explore 10 concrete steps to break the pattern of love addiction. From recognizing the issue to building healthier relationships, … Read more

Childhood Trauma & Memory Loss: Healing the Past

Memory Loss & Childhood Trauma

Growing up in a Vietnamese family and moving to London at the age of 17, I’ve experienced firsthand how the past can shape our present in ways we often don’t recognize. Our childhood, a time meant for playful memories and life lessons, can sometimes be marred by experiences that leave deep scars. Some of us, … Read more